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Re: Custom configuration of network clients

Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:

The thought is to have a central cfengine-repository, and distribute
changes from there. Someone planned to work a bit more on it, but they
did not find the time. We should also switch from cfengine to cfengine2.

Are there any serious incompatibilities between cfengine and cfengine2 that would make such a change difficult?

What are your thoughts about this idea? If somebody likes it and would
put a patch into Skolelinux, I'd happily experiment with this  and
provide a patch.

Please do. But keep in mind that people may use other techniques today,
so if you include something, it should be disabled by default. And if
you come up with a patch, the only way to make sure it makes it to the
default CD, is to include it on the CD yourself, that means submit it
through svn, test it, then set proper default.

If the rest of the project doesn't like your solution, then they will
tell, and if they really dont like it, your solution will be removed
after you've submitted to svn. That's "do-ocracy".

I don't have subversion access yet. Is there a way to get that or do I have to apply for Debian developer?


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