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Custom configuration of network clients


I would like to configure the hosts in a Skolelinux network according to our standards. Things I'm thinking about currently: - sources.list file changes (use Internet or apt-proxy host in the network) - Installation of Gnome instead of KDE (probably, not decided yet - but we use Gnome in the current network) - Probably a few customizations of Gnome (or KDE) such as the application menu and putting Firefox as the default browser instead of Konqueror

My clients are not thin-clients but workstations.

First: is there any way built into Skolelinux to do that kind of configuration automatically at the moment? If yes, can you point me to the documentation - I did not find it.

If not, I have a few ideas how one could go about this:
  - Automated installation using e.g. FAI
- Customize debian-edu-config and burn my own CD (how do you compile Skolelinux CDs by the way?) - The Skolelinux default CD could look for some customizations on tjener and download them from there. Maybe also a Debian package or some cfengine files.

Thank you for any pointers. And if I missed existing documentation for that: apologies.


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