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Re: Custom configuration of network clients

El 16/11/2005, a las 01:02 PM, Patrice Neff escribió:


I would like to configure the hosts in a Skolelinux network according to our standards. Things I'm thinking about currently: - sources.list file changes (use Internet or apt-proxy host in the network) - Installation of Gnome instead of KDE (probably, not decided yet - but we use Gnome in the current network) - Probably a few customizations of Gnome (or KDE) such as the application menu and putting Firefox as the default browser instead of Konqueror

My clients are not thin-clients but workstations.

First: is there any way built into Skolelinux to do that kind of configuration automatically at the moment? If yes, can you point me to the documentation - I did not find it.

As there have not been any replies indicating otherwise, I'm assume there is not currently anything built into Skolelinux.

If not, I have a few ideas how one could go about this:

Shortly after my post I finally stumbled over cfengine (Ralf also mentioned it in his reply mail). cfengine is already installed and used for the configuration. So my suggestion: include a default cfservd.conf and update.conf on the clients and enable cfservd by default. This would then enable the server to push config files to the clients and could thereby also be used to configure newly installed clients.

What are your thoughts about this idea? If somebody likes it and would put a patch into Skolelinux, I'd happily experiment with this and provide a patch.


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