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eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

Markus Gamenius has been in contact with the guys behind eZ [1]. They are apparently eager to get eZ into Debian-Edu and to help us convert from Plone [2] on www.skolelinux.org.

There are currently (at least) two issues with Plone on skolelinux.org. One being the workflow (have to use the webpage, no automatic notifications about translations, etc.) and a memory leak in Zope which makes it necessary to restart Zope every few weeks.

The debate started on the Norwegian user list, but we feel our international collegues need to join in. :) I just moved the debate, so this post won't contain my opinions.


Do we want to change Plone for X on skolelinux.org? Might X be eZ?

Do we want to bundle eZ as Debian-Edu's content management system (CMS)? What issues need to be solved?

Is it necessary to use the same CMS we bundle in Debian-Edu, e.g. eZ, on skolelinux.org? If not, is a Wiki[3] a good idea? Combinations?


[1] http://www.ez.no/
[2] http://www.plone.org/
[3] http://wikipedia.sourceforge.net/

Alex Brasetvik

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