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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?


Alex Brasetvik schrieb:

Do we want to change Plone for X on skolelinux.org? Might X be eZ?

As I am a Typo3 guy I would like to bring into discussion Typo3 as well.

The features: http://www.typo3.com and http://www.typo3.org

In Short:
- complete separation between design and content
- you can generate any layout you like
- even graphical elements like navigation links and headers can be generated via database
- very fine granulated access control and workflow design
- integration with pdf generators and open office plugins is possible; so you can have an integrated publishing of documentation with HTML/PDF/OpenOffice in the same time - a lot of plugins and extensions for almost anything you like (news, frontpage news, RSS feed, shop, internal password-secured areas, LDAP plugin ...)
- GPL of course

It is not possible to work offline. But I don't know why this should be necessary. You can prepare your text to publish offline with an editor or with open office, then you go online and copy it into the page you have choosen. So what?

I would not recommend Typo3 to be bundled with Skolelinux/Debian-Edu. It is flexible and easy to use, but the installation and configuration is for a teacher probably not very easy. And you need at least one administrator who is able to work with HTML, PHP and TypoScript and has a little bit of background information and experience with CMS in general. But I can recommend it as a very good tool for the skolelinux website.

Stefan Padberg, Wuppertal (Germany)

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