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Re: eZ publish recommendation

On 17-01-2005 13:23, Herman Robak wrote:
> There has been some debate at the Norwegian Skolelinux list
> about the choice of a content management system.  Should we
> stick with Plone, or migrate to eZ Publish?

I'll happily recommend eZ publish for the Skolelinux site.

eZ publish is not just another CMS. With eZ publish it is possible to
design the workflow and the hierarchy as well as the graphical design
separately. This means you don't have to follow any predecided rules
created by some random CMS designer about how to treat the content.

I'd say the eZ publish system is perfect for any larger organization
since most of them have specific needs that do not apply to any other.

Also, with eZ publish it is possible to ever improve and customize any
part of the site, from the document structure and the workflow to the
graphic design. As time passes, such moves are needed (as you know), but
with eZ it doesn't mean you'll have to switch the system your site is
built upon all the time.

As for creating the site: I can't promise any help at the moment, but as
eZ publish makes an important part of our company strategy I can assure
you we will donate some time and effort working with the site when we
are through our current phase of establishing our business. (For my own
part I'm working day and night, so I'm sorry we do not have any spare
time to help out right now..)

Runar Ingebrigtsen <ringe@skolelinux.no>

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