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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

On Monday 17 January 2005 13:29, Alex Brasetvik wrote:
> Markus Gamenius has been in contact with the guys behind eZ [1]. They
> are apparently eager to get eZ into Debian-Edu and to help us convert
> from Plone [2] on www.skolelinux.org.
> There are currently (at least) two issues with Plone on skolelinux.org.
> One being the workflow (have to use the webpage, no automatic
> notifications about translations, etc.) and a memory leak in Zope which
> makes it necessary to restart Zope every few weeks.
> The debate started on the Norwegian user list, but we feel our
> international collegues need to join in. :) I just moved the debate, so
> this post won't contain my opinions.
As discussed on the Norwegian list there are a couple of issues with the 
current solution for Skolelinux. The main issue as I understood is  
maintaining different translations of content. It's a manual job of sending 
an e-mail to the mailinglist whenever a piece of content that needs to be 
translated is updated. 

With eZ publish you have the multilingual translation features handling this 
for you. If any piece of content are changed you get an e-mail with the 
content that has changed. You can either get these notifications on a site 
wide basis or just for the parts where you have the responsibility of 
maintaining a translation. eZ publish has also full support for Unicode 
(UTF-8) so the character sets should be no problem. You can see an example of 
this setup at http://fast.no. Even transliteration is supported.

If you want to work offline you can do so in OpenOffice.org and write your 
documents there. These documents can be directly imported into eZ publish.  
Import takes place either via the eZ publish Web interface, but 
also with WebDAV which provides you with a document management 
infrastructure integrated in your desktop.

There was also discussed performance issues for times with large traffic, e.g. 
if the site is Slashdotted. You can use Squid with eZ publish to handle this 
kind of traffic. That is no problem. You also have internal caching 
mechanisms which can generata a total static html page whenever the content 
is updated. This html file can be directly served via apache. You can even 
configure eZ publish to do this only for some sections of the site, and leave 
others like a search page stay dynamic.

> Is it necessary to use the same CMS we bundle in Debian-Edu, e.g. eZ, on
> skolelinux.org? If not, is a Wiki[3] a good idea? Combinations?
This is not neccesary. You can of course run a different solution on 
skolelinux.org. We are working on tuning eZ publish for Skolelinux since 
there is huge a interest for eZ publish in the educational sector. eZ publish 
can also work like a Wiki if you would like that type of editing. (The 
editing format is not actually the Wiki syntax, but you can edit the pages in 
Wysiwyg) Where e.g. every registered user can directly edit the content from 
the website if logged in. All content is of course versioned so you can track 
your changes.

There is also the issue of maintaining a Debian package of eZ publish. We have 
been working on a Debian package. If Jonas Smedegaard would like to maintain 
this package we would be happy to assist with this to make the package as 
good as possible.

As discussed briefly on the Norwegian mailinglist we, eZ core developers, 
would help during the migration from the current solution to eZ publish and 
get this up and running.

I will also be present at the developer gathering in Oslo next week. I hope to 
meet many of you there to discuss this topic further. That is a great 
opportunity to look further into the technical details. I will also bring 
Derick Rethans, an eZ publish engineer and PHP core developer.

Best regards,

Bård Farstad
bf@ez.no | eZ systems | http://ez.no

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