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Re: Comments on the "Skolelinux - User Requirements·Specification"

    as> otavio, i agree fully with you: pre-seeding (and powerfull
    as> postinstall scripts allowing for versatile configuration of the
    as> package) are the wave of the future.
No. Try to create all questions you like to ask for configuring apache
for example. You will never have enough questions (and answers) to be
as flexible as somebody needs to be. Maybe for very well defined
environment is sufficient to ask some questions for the configuration
of a package. But there are more difficult environment which can't
never be configured by answering questions as debconf does. So
sometimes you want to copy a template of a precreated config file to
its target destination. This is was fcopy from fai can do very well.

    > Sure. I think FAI was the prototip and now, preseeding will be the
    > product :-D
FAI is not a prototyp, it's a product which is well working for very
different environments. Have a look at the long list of FAI users.

regards Thomas

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