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Re: Comments on the "Skolelinux - User Requirements·Specification"

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Kurt Gramlich wrote:

In the adult education i need root acounts for every pupil, so i
think about to merge the nice features of FAI fully automated
installation and skolelinux. In a tutorial with Thomas Lange i
lerned about FAI. If we get a school with about 50 workstations
to install, i dont want to do this with CD and sneakers ;-).
With FAI it is possible to switch in very short time the
Good idea.  It might make sense to include FAI support in the whole CDD
framework by for instance serving some adapted FAI configurations in a
defined directory.

system for keeping track (for existance, upgrades, etc) of all
installed machines, and a system to administrate several machines as
one could be mentioned as well.

Like FAI ;-)

Kind regards


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