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Re: Comments on the "Skolelinux - User Requirements·Specification"

* Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org) [041001 14:13]:
> I don't know if FAI is the best one here. I think one way to do one
> install and save the debconf database to be used like preseeding for
> next installations is the best.

otavio, i agree fully with you: pre-seeding (and powerfull
postinstall scripts allowing for versatile configuration of the
package) are the wave of the future.

however the people i spoke to personally about this (Kurt
Garmlich in germany) want some way of automatic
recreation/restoration of workstations or boxes in general, not
classical installation with automatic preconfiguration.

they could use any imaging technology, of cause, but fai allows
for a bit more flexibilty during install, i think, but generally
it is overkill for box-restores, i feel.

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