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Re: Comments on the "Skolelinux - User Requirements·Specification"

|| On Fri, 1 Oct 2004 14:25:19 +0200
|| Andreas Schuldei <andreas@schuldei.org> wrote: 

as> * Otavio Salvador (otavio@debian.org) [041001 14:13]:
>> I don't know if FAI is the best one here. I think one way to do one
>> install and save the debconf database to be used like preseeding for
>> next installations is the best.

as> otavio, i agree fully with you: pre-seeding (and powerfull
as> postinstall scripts allowing for versatile configuration of the
as> package) are the wave of the future.


as> however the people i spoke to personally about this (Kurt
as> Garmlich in germany) want some way of automatic
as> recreation/restoration of workstations or boxes in general, not
as> classical installation with automatic preconfiguration.

But we back for the preseeding here. If you want a way to configure
the box based on "template" but with some flexibility (or the image
way works fine) the better is preseeding again.

Other way to do the same is using tools like cfengine and dpsyco and
this woks fine (FAI uses cfengine, I think) but broke the policy since
we never should touch in a configuration file of other package.

as> they could use any imaging technology, of cause, but fai allows
as> for a bit more flexibilty during install, i think, but generally
as> it is overkill for box-restores, i feel.

Sure. I think FAI was the prototip and now, preseeding will be the
product :-D

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