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Re: How bandwidth requirement could be reduced when using thin clients?

mandag 04 oktober 2004, 03:03, skrev Jim McQuillan:
> We (the LTSP development team) are planning an LTSP Developers
> meeting to take place the weekend of November 6-7, 2004 in Maine,
> USA.


> One of the leading topics of this developers meeting is the
> integration of NX/FreeNX.  I can't say that we will have a working
> implementation on November 7th, but at least at that point, we should
> have a very good understanding of the issues involved, and how to
> proceed.

The report made by the The municipal department of education in Oslo 
will be complete and ready for handover December 3th. The report is in 
the first place a paper study that will decide if all the 175 schools 
in Oslo will use Skolelinux. All the relevant feedback after the LTSP 
Developers meeting will be highly appreciated and get into the report.  

- Knut

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