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Re: [Debian-NYC] Follow up on DebConf10 planning.

On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 5:25 PM, Jimmy Kaplowitz <jimmy@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 07, 2008 at 12:01:45PM -0400, Brian Gupta wrote:
>> On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 9:07 AM, Michael Schultheiss <schultmc@debian.org> wrote:
>> > Brian Gupta wrote:
>> >> One question, there will be alot of tasks/assignments to track, do we want to
>> >> look at some sort of issue tracker or wiki for project planning?
>> >
>> > DebConf is offering subdomains under debconf.net.  Hosting can also be
>> > provided if needed (I can also host an issue tracker or wiki).  I can
>> > request a subdomain - how about dc10ny.debconf.net?
>> How about nyc.debconf.net? (the dc is redundant, and my assumption is
>> that if our bid for dc10 is successful, we wouldn't be putting
>> together another bid for awhile. And if it is unsuccessful, we would
>> just want to reuse the work we did for a dc11 bid.)
> Oh, I forgot to mention, we can feel free to use a chunk of the hierarchy on
> wiki.debconf.org as far as a wiki (e.g. /DebConf10/NewYork/*), so there's no
> need to host either that or a separate issue tracker from the DebConf one,
> unless people want to use different software or have other objections.
> nyc.debconf.net sounds good if we want that subdomain, but that would make
> sense for a website rather than for the bits of infrastructure which
> debconf.org can already provide us like RT, wiki, and mailing list if we want
> it.

+1, although it would be nice if we had links to the other stuff from
nyc.debconf.net. (Having it act as an easy to remember URL/portal for
us as well as third parties.)

>> >> P.S. - Would it make sense at this point to start reaching out to other user
>> >> groups to see if we can recruit some more volunteers? (I am a member of NYLUG,
>> >> UNIGROUP, nycbug, and a number of other user groups.) If so I am willing to
>> >> lead this up. Also we should probably ask for volunteers @ http://
>> >> ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=212
>> >
>> > The more volunteers we have, the more likely we can successfully host
>> > DebConf if we're selected.  More volunteers would also help us generate
>> > the best possible bid.
> Definitely. +1
>> Ok I will start reaching out. This is my draft email (I will wait for
>> comments before sending it out):
> The email seems good to me.

Ok I sent out to NYLUG, NYCBUG, UNIGROUP and OpenSolaris User groups.
Gonna post to Ubuntu forums shortly.

>> A couple questions.
>> 1) In the video from the DC10 planning session at DC8, members in the
>> audience seemed to make a big deal about who was going to be the
>> leader of the NY local team. In my book this shouldn't be that
>> important. Is it? (I would assume the defacto leader at this point is
>> Jimmy, since in my book, he pretty much got the ball rolling?)
> It's not hugely important, and I think it was only one person who made a big
> deal of that during the presentation. We are going to have to assign various
> roles to the local team members to make sure there's at least one or two people
> responsible for each task, and probably some people will need to handle
> multiple roles since there will likely be more roles to fill than people to
> fill them. One of these roles will be to look at the big picture of the bid and
> make sure it keeps making progress, which is basically an overall leadership
> role, and the corollary task of speaking on behalf of the local team to the
> main DebConf organizing team. I'm happy to take that, and if someone wants to
> share that role with me (two people did this in the DebConf7 and I think
> DebConf8 local teams) or do it instead of me, please send me email and we'll
> discuss.

Do you have a list of roles? (It's not that important, but as more
people volunteer, it would be useful for them to see where they can
help out).

>> 2) In the video, they seemed to imply that all US cities should get
>> together and agree on a location, and put together a country bid. (vs.
>> new york, boston, etc.). Is this something we need to start taking
>> into consideration? IE: Should people reach out to the other cities?
> I think that was more regarding managing the time for the presentation than a
> mandate overall. The Boston and San Francisco bids were not real bids, but
> simply (very funny) parodies of the NYC bid. Portland, OR seems to have a real
> bid too, but I think that Portland and NYC are far apart enough and different
> enough that they don't need to be combined into one US bid IMHO. That said, I
> imagine that several Debian people from either team would help out to some
> degree if the other US bid was chosen as the location (I certainly would), so
> it's more of a friendly competition.
> If people think we need to coordinate with Portland and join forces into one
> city or the other before the location is selected, speak up.
> - Jimmy Kaplowitz
> jimmy@debian.org

- Brian Gupta
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