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Re: [Debian-NYC] Follow up on DebConf10 planning.

On Sun, Sep 07, 2008 at 12:01:45PM -0400, Brian Gupta wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 9:07 AM, Michael Schultheiss <schultmc@debian.org> wrote:
> > Brian Gupta wrote:
> >> One question, there will be alot of tasks/assignments to track, do we want to
> >> look at some sort of issue tracker or wiki for project planning?
> >
> > DebConf is offering subdomains under debconf.net.  Hosting can also be
> > provided if needed (I can also host an issue tracker or wiki).  I can
> > request a subdomain - how about dc10ny.debconf.net?
> How about nyc.debconf.net? (the dc is redundant, and my assumption is
> that if our bid for dc10 is successful, we wouldn't be putting
> together another bid for awhile. And if it is unsuccessful, we would
> just want to reuse the work we did for a dc11 bid.)

Oh, I forgot to mention, we can feel free to use a chunk of the hierarchy on
wiki.debconf.org as far as a wiki (e.g. /DebConf10/NewYork/*), so there's no
need to host either that or a separate issue tracker from the DebConf one,
unless people want to use different software or have other objections.
nyc.debconf.net sounds good if we want that subdomain, but that would make
sense for a website rather than for the bits of infrastructure which
debconf.org can already provide us like RT, wiki, and mailing list if we want

> >> P.S. - Would it make sense at this point to start reaching out to other user
> >> groups to see if we can recruit some more volunteers? (I am a member of NYLUG,
> >> UNIGROUP, nycbug, and a number of other user groups.) If so I am willing to
> >> lead this up. Also we should probably ask for volunteers @ http://
> >> ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=212
> >
> > The more volunteers we have, the more likely we can successfully host
> > DebConf if we're selected.  More volunteers would also help us generate
> > the best possible bid.

Definitely. +1

> Ok I will start reaching out. This is my draft email (I will wait for
> comments before sending it out):

The email seems good to me.

> A couple questions.
> 1) In the video from the DC10 planning session at DC8, members in the
> audience seemed to make a big deal about who was going to be the
> leader of the NY local team. In my book this shouldn't be that
> important. Is it? (I would assume the defacto leader at this point is
> Jimmy, since in my book, he pretty much got the ball rolling?)

It's not hugely important, and I think it was only one person who made a big
deal of that during the presentation. We are going to have to assign various
roles to the local team members to make sure there's at least one or two people
responsible for each task, and probably some people will need to handle
multiple roles since there will likely be more roles to fill than people to
fill them. One of these roles will be to look at the big picture of the bid and
make sure it keeps making progress, which is basically an overall leadership
role, and the corollary task of speaking on behalf of the local team to the
main DebConf organizing team. I'm happy to take that, and if someone wants to
share that role with me (two people did this in the DebConf7 and I think
DebConf8 local teams) or do it instead of me, please send me email and we'll

> 2) In the video, they seemed to imply that all US cities should get
> together and agree on a location, and put together a country bid. (vs.
> new york, boston, etc.). Is this something we need to start taking
> into consideration? IE: Should people reach out to the other cities?

I think that was more regarding managing the time for the presentation than a
mandate overall. The Boston and San Francisco bids were not real bids, but
simply (very funny) parodies of the NYC bid. Portland, OR seems to have a real
bid too, but I think that Portland and NYC are far apart enough and different
enough that they don't need to be combined into one US bid IMHO. That said, I
imagine that several Debian people from either team would help out to some
degree if the other US bid was chosen as the location (I certainly would), so
it's more of a friendly competition.

If people think we need to coordinate with Portland and join forces into one
city or the other before the location is selected, speak up.

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
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