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[Debian-NYC] DebConf10 NYC IRC channel

(People who aren't interested in DebConf10 planning can ignore this email.)

Hi all,

We now have an IRC channel for real-time discussion. If you want to
participate, join #debconf-nyc on irc.debian.org (which is OFTC, not Freenode -
irc.debian.org is a CNAME for irc.oftc.net). It's not publicly logged, and
please don't change that without gaining consensus first. Private logging is OK
though. Given that it's real-time and not publicly logged, any conversation
which should be available to the public or people who aren't present and
recently active in the channel needs to take place on the mailing list instead
of in the channel. Use the channel for more transient conversations.

We will probably want to start IRC meetings soon, so please reply to this with
your availability for those if you haven't already told me yet. (Those will be
logged and summarized semi-automatically.)

- Jimmy Kaplowitz
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