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Re: [Debian-NYC] Follow up on DebConf10 planning.

On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 9:07 AM, Michael Schultheiss <schultmc@debian.org> wrote:
> Brian Gupta wrote:
>> One question, there will be alot of tasks/assignments to track, do we want to
>> look at some sort of issue tracker or wiki for project planning?
> DebConf is offering subdomains under debconf.net.  Hosting can also be
> provided if needed (I can also host an issue tracker or wiki).  I can
> request a subdomain - how about dc10ny.debconf.net?

How about nyc.debconf.net? (the dc is redundant, and my assumption is
that if our bid for dc10 is successful, we wouldn't be putting
together another bid for awhile. And if it is unsuccessful, we would
just want to reuse the work we did for a dc11 bid.)

>> P.S. - Would it make sense at this point to start reaching out to other user
>> groups to see if we can recruit some more volunteers? (I am a member of NYLUG,
>> UNIGROUP, nycbug, and a number of other user groups.) If so I am willing to
>> lead this up. Also we should probably ask for volunteers @ http://
>> ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=212
> The more volunteers we have, the more likely we can successfully host
> DebConf if we're selected.  More volunteers would also help us generate
> the best possible bid.

Ok I will start reaching out. This is my draft email (I will wait for
comments before sending it out):

Subject: Recruiting debconf10 volunteers:
Hi all, my name is Brian Gupta and I am part of the local team
preparing a bid to host DebConf10 in New York City.

Here is the info for the bid:


Here is the video from DebConf8 where Jimmy Kaplowitz first presented
the draft of the bid.


We have a few short months to flesh out a draft.

If you are interested, please register for the DebianNYC mailing list
and post your interest to the list.


P.S. - The DebianNYC user group gets together every month or two, so
if you are interested in joining other users and devs in the Debian
family, feel free to join.

A couple questions.
1) In the video from the DC10 planning session at DC8, members in the
audience seemed to make a big deal about who was going to be the
leader of the NY local team. In my book this shouldn't be that
important. Is it? (I would assume the defacto leader at this point is
Jimmy, since in my book, he pretty much got the ball rolling?)
2) In the video, they seemed to imply that all US cities should get
together and agree on a location, and put together a country bid. (vs.
new york, boston, etc.). Is this something we need to start taking
into consideration? IE: Should people reach out to the other cities?

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- Brian Gupta


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