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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

in-line :-

On 8/13/14, Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> wrote:

>> For the record, as far as C-DAC goes, we did have some initial contact
>> with some people from C-DAC but for reasons unknown to us (probably
>> internal office politics) we were neither able to meet the right
>> people or take it any forward.
> I might dig out the contacts I gained when visiting India in 2011, if
> that might be helpful - i.e. if you share more details of the
> conversation attempts you have had recently it might be easier to help.

Most of the conversation was off-line with somebody named Manish (from
C-DAC). I just had a telephonic conversation again and hopefully we
should get some details from his end as well.
So any contacts (preferably e-mail) would be beneficial as we could
talk with them. You could either send them to the list or off-line to
Praveen and me and we would attempt to take it forward.

>> Incidentally, Praveen had met people from the Akaash project (for the
>> Debian@Akaash) and as per whatever was shared with me, the discussions
>> weren't particularly fruitful or at least that was the sense I got
>> from him.
> Please consider contacting them in public via this list:
> https://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/aakash-hackers

will do.

>> [Pavi and I] know about openlayers, databases etc. but are not at at
>> all familiar with the intricacies therein. I don't think that either
>> of would be able to give justice to what OSM or OpenGIS deserves. If
>> you know somebody who could walk the students through both the
>> concepts, the idea and the implementation, let us know and we will try
>> to invite him/her.

I didn't mean Pavi and I but actually meant Praveen and me as we had
fiddled a bit around with OSM. So mistake on my part.

> Please consider look at Leaflet as better (more lightweight and easier
> to customize) alternative to OpenLayers: http://leafletjs.com/

Pavi had introduced us to leaflet  in the last minidebconf but haven't
explored it.

> I maintain Leaflet package in Debian, and my girlfriend (Siri) and I use
> it for various projects - here are some examples for inspiration:
> Custom map of the island where we live (try enable the historic places
> at top right corner): http://kort.oroe.biks.dk/ +
> http://source.oroe.dk/?p=map.git + git://source.oroe.dk/map
> Graphics for educational flyer (includes in source a script to fetch
> objects from OpenStreetMap for use e.g. as colored overlay):
> http://map.sirireiter.dk/2014/superkilen/ +
> http://source.sirireiter.dk/?p=map.git + git://source.sirireiter.dk/map
> For MiniDebconf I suggest to frame as either of these:
>   * ways to interact with OpenStreetMap using Debian
>     a) as web designer
>     b) as explorer drawing the pieces missing
>     c) as ordinary user wanting to read maps
>   * ways to help Debian expand its support for OpenStreetMap
>     a) maintain existing packages written in various languages
>     b) package (and maintain!) additional code and plugins
>     c) report bugs against packages in Debian
>     d) contribute translations
>     e) document e.g. use cases on https://wiki.debian.org/
> Either of those angles can be either hands-on sessions or
> teaching-oriented talks or inspirational talks more about personal
> experiences.  My point is to make it about Debian.

 While me and Praveen could certainly give an overview of what OSM is,
it would be way loads better if we are able to get somebody who
actually has his hand dirtied in the database and stuff, and hence
would be able to more granular about the whole process than we ever

Also, having more people present is always a benefit as it deepens the
community as well.

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