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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

Pirate Praveen <praveen@onenetbeyond.org> writes:

> 2014-08-13 02:00 या दिवशी Jonas Smedegaard ने लिहीले :
>> Make it a conference about Debian for the Debian community!
> In my view, it is a gathering of the debian community sharing their
> work and ideas. It is a place to invite the whole Free Software
> community and even people new to Free Software to learn about Debian.
> For me it is a conference for everyone organized by Debian community
> looking to bring more people into it.

What Jonas meant here IIUC is it should be about *Debian* and not
something else like some people proposed of making "private
communication" as theme of it, then having name miniDebconf doesn't make

> If we want it to a conference for the debian community, we have to
> first build that community. I understand the need to bring more of
> debian community participate, but that is not going to happen unless
> more of the community chip in to help out.

This is a chicken and egg problem which we are trying to solve, we
already have a Debian community however small it is.

Debian community here is not only Debian Developers it involves those
who use Debian who like Debian etc. Did we reach them before claiming we
don't have community?

Question we should ask ourselves first is did we reach every one who
uses Debian in one or other way? Does every one who uses Debian in India
knows about list debian-dug-in? If not how to reach them?

We do have our community its just that its scattered and not under same
roof, so miniDebconf should be platform to bring that community to same
roof and reach as much  of them possible.

Vasudev Kamath
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