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Re: Doubts/suggestions with event organization(MiniDebConf '14)

Quoting Pirate Praveen (2014-08-13 10:34:39)
> On Wednesday 13 August 2014 11:35 AM, Vasudev Kamath wrote:
>> What Jonas meant here IIUC is it should be about *Debian* and not 
>> something else like some people proposed of making "private 
>> communication" as theme of it, then having name miniDebconf doesn't 
>> make sense.
> Isn't this too restrictive an approach? And also more like 
> proprietary/trademark protection kind of approach (we will only talk 
> about debian).

Vasudev did understaand me correctly: his responses are good 
clarifications for what I meant.

> We respond to current challenges and Freedom Box is a great example. 
> How different is focusing on private communications different from the 
> goal of Freedom Box?

FreedomBox is a good example to illustrate the issue raised by Vasudev 
and me: FreedomBox is a project developed inside Debian, and FreedomBox 
aims to be a product of Free Software.  You can talk about FreedomBox 
without the Debian part, and you can use FreedomBox only talking about 
it as being a Debian system without using the FreedomBox term at all and 
without discussing the agenda defined by Eben Moglen at all.

Similarly, you can make three different conferences in Kerala with 
different agendas - one is about "Free Software", the other about 
"Private Communication and avoiding NSA", and the third about "Debian".  
All three conferences could be the exact same speakers talking about the 
same topics, and the audience could be exact same people.  It would 
still invite for the speakers to frame their talks differently and would 
spawn different kind of atmosphere and discussions among attendants.

I do *not* say that you *must* make this MiniDebconf in a specific way, 
but I am *encouraging* you to frame it as a *Debian* thing.

I am *not* suggesting you to do *more* or *different* work as you do 

Whatever you do, I am sure it will be a great event! :-)

 - Jonas

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