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Re: How to make "Debian Reference" as scalable SGML

On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 08:07:20PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> > I think this is the only simple solution to enable content
> > reorganization without making process too complicated.  KISS.
> My .02: boot-floppies is just one chapter per document. I can see
> where putting one sect in each document might be advantageous; but I
> would leave further subdivisions inside the docs (not go down to
> sect1). Too often, one wants to easily create new subsections; and it
> would be rather more difficult to keep updating the 'contents' file
> when writing.

I thought the same thing and debating with myself.  Organizing "Debian
reference" requires file movement among <chapt>, <sect>, and <sect1>.

My conclusion is: 

Having many piecemeal small files by each content and manage them in CVS
is the best approach for maintenance.  But for packaged SGML source
files, it may be better to organize them in unit of <chapt>.

In order to achieve this, some automatic conversion solution is
desirable. I am thinking of some simple PERL script which split files
into many files with their file name named after "id" field of <chapt>,
<sect>, or <sect1>.  And another script for merging them.

Any pre-existing solution for this?  If some SGML filter command and
their configuration set-up exist for this, I will be happy.


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