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Re: Re: GitHub “pull request µ is proprietary, incom patible with Git ‘requ est-pull ’

On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 1:14 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Can you point me at the server code, or configuration that handled
> your push ?

I'm not familiar with the setup but I think it uses the
ikiwiki-hosting packages.

> That commit is on HEAD.  But the request was for the pushed commits to
> land somewhere else.

I think you would need the pusher to push to the correct place and
possibly have the server reject commits to the wrong places, having
your commits end up somewhere you didn't intend them to would be

> The push to HEAD must have been authenticated or approved somehow.
> How did that happen ?

It wasn't authenticated/approved at all, from the git-daemon manual page:


           This serves git send-pack clients, allowing anonymous push.
It is disabled by default, as there is no authentication in the
protocol (in other words, anybody can push anything into the
repository, including removal of refs). This is solely meant for a
closed LAN setting where everybody is friendly. This service can be
enabled by setting daemon.receivepack configuration item to true.

> The request included the notion that the repo or branch owner would
> get told somehow about the push.

I guess that could be handled by the standard hooks that send
email/IRC/etc messages, or maybe a new hook for this purpose.

> Do you have a repo of your own that uses this software that I could
> try out a push to ?  Or can you point me to the submitter-facing
> documentation for an existing repo using this feature ?

I don't have a git server and I can't find any documentation for
branchable about it; I basically discovered it by accident.



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