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Peace of Mind (Please, give us some!)

Hello, fellows.

First, I'm correcting the misspelling of the God dammit subject.  I'm
not a native English speaker, but since it's the so called universal
language to communicate with everyone else subscribed to it, I think
everyone should, at least, check grammar and spelling before submitting
messages to the list, so that we're all able to communicate using the
same, correct *code*.

Second, it is my belief that everyone (or at least, most people)
subscribed to this list is interested in Debian development specific
topics.  Please, stop flooding this list with non-development, babling

Third, *systemd* issue has been, as many here pointed before me,
througly discussed in several opportunities - and IMHO, adoption of
software in releases is *not* directly _development_ related, being,
instead, maybe administrative, project or something else.  If such a
list does not exist, I'd recommend it to be created, so that there would
be a specific list for people to send their oppinion regarding those
concerns to.

Fourth, AFAIK - and please, correct me if I'm wrong - this list should
be more concerned about improving collaborative work and software in the
Debian Project, with information, with elder/senior/more experienced
developers helping/guiding/providing orientation for younger/newcomer
developers, and discussions about software functionality (and I mean
*functionality*, not *adoption/choice*) and implementation.  Again, I
wouldn't mind receiving tons of e-mails containing technical information
regarding software development, but I'm not interested in a single mail
regarding why you are so sad that Debian Project picked systemd or even
an 90 year-old lady to control your system services.  I'm not advocating
in favour of either *here* because I don't thnk this is the purpose of
this list.

Fifth, please, Google for and read about *netiquette*, mostly regarding
*subject* and start writting consistent, direct, specific subjects.

Best regards,

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