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Re: piece of mind

Matthias Urlichs wrote...

> We don't do a GR among our users. We do that among Debian
> members/maintainers/developers/take-your-pick.
> Of those, most …
> * are perfectly happy with the TC's decision
> * can live with it
> * are unhappy, but think that to continue discussing this is way worse
>   than biting the bullet and getting on with actual work
>   * you do know that we plan to release Jessie sometime this decade,
>     right?
> * are disillusioned about it all and decided to stand aside

* sit and watch the things happen they don't agree with at all, things
that were not at all difficult to forsee one and two years ago. In
feelings that switch between amusement, bewilderment, and sheer
horror. And sometimes confusion whether their position is perhaps the
one of grumpy old people who object _any_ change just because things
are considered good enough the way they are right now. Or rather the
one of those who have seen a lot of changes in the past and learned
the hard way they usually cause a lot of anger and surprisingly little
improvement, so in general they are better avoided at all. Staying
with the present quirky situation might be uncomfortable but at least
it's familiar.

Since in short

- never in Debian before there has been a change that intrusive, and
  also that controversial
- systemd slowly changed from "default" to "de-facto only" init system
- systemd grew from the sysv-provided feature set to something that
  eats more and more components of a Linux system, being everything
  but unix philosophy.
- this is is fast-moving target, and no one has an idea where it will
  evolve into. So people who advocated systemd one year 2013 opted for
  an idea not for the systemd that will enter jessie.
- *many* other components require adjustment, and it just happens
- upstream shows little respect for people who object systemd
- double vendor lock-in, both upstream and Debian. Read: Runing not pure
  Debian installations I have at least three serious issues that prevent
  systemd based systems from booting or being usable¹.

* consider skipping jessie altogether in the hope jessie+1 will
provide alternatives or, at least has a systemd where development
speed went down significantly.

* or prepare moving away from Debian.

> Judging by the last couple of months, the rest appears to number <6 people.

In my personal environment, nine of ten people oppose, most of them
unsure, some seriously concerned. Especially after they gave it a try.
Those who are in favour do this in a strong fashion that bystanders
could easily take as "fanboy". Surprisingly enough, there's no "I can
take it or leave it".


¹ All the requirements found in
  are met, so this list is incomplete.

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