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Re: piece of mind


Christoph Biedl:
> - upstream shows little respect for people who object systemd

Why should they?

"If you don't want to use my software on general principles, go away and
 write your own. Do not bother me."

This principle is hardly specific to systemd.

>   I have at least three serious issues that prevent
>   systemd based systems from booting or being usable¹.
Which Debian bug numbers? Are they marked RC?

> In my personal environment, nine of ten people oppose, most of them
> unsure, some seriously concerned. Especially after they gave it a try.

Both sides can play this game. In my environment, people get annoyed when
they need to do admin work on Wheezy systems because the get used to all
the features which systemd provides. Tangible benefits. Which in my book
trump assertions of "vendor lock-in" (how is that possible, anyway? it's
free software!) and more-or-less unspecific concerns.

> Those who are in favour do this in a strong fashion that bystanders
> could easily take as "fanboy".

Yes I am a fan of systemd. I *like* a whole lot of the features it provides
and I do NOT want to re-implement the lot of them in each and every sys5rc
shell script. The only reason I don't tell you every time exactly which
features these are is that we've gone round on this multiple times, half a
year ago, on this list and off, and I'm tired of repeating myself – and
everybody else is (probably) tired of reading yet another list of features
somebody didn't know they missed until they had a system which provides

-- Matthias Urlichs

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