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Re: piece of mind

On Mon, 20 Oct 2014, Matthias Urlichs wrote:

> Christoph Biedl:
> > - upstream shows little respect for people who object systemd
> Why should they?

Because not doing that is asocial.

> "If you don't want to use my software on general principles, go away and
>  write your own. Do not bother me."
> This principle is hardly specific to systemd.

Yes, but other upstreams at least agree to not step on the
toes of people who wish to use other software.

Good example: shell maintainers have discussed together and
decided, a year or two, that $PS1 should generally not be
“export”ed, because of differences between shells, but rather
be set in the various shells’ ~/.*rc files. Shell developers
(Chet, David and me, and sometimes zsh people) occasionally
proactively talk to each other, to possibly agree (or respect‐
fully disagree) about various features, or to discuss bugs,
or something like that.

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