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Re: LSB headers and other junk, how do you hack a quick init script in debian these days?


>> I write a systemd unit file. It’s smaller, faster to write, easier to
>> understand and works more reliably. 
> And it is also a bug to not have an init script since we still have
> ports that do not use systemd.

And this is also completely irrelevant as the question was about quickly
hacking something together for local use.
If it were about a package, then he would have to put stuff into
/etc/init.d anyway, and add LSB headers, etc. In other words, it would
work with systemd without him changing his habits.

Of course, Michael, you can also always choose not to use systemd,
should you wish to do so. It's not like that is complicated:
$ aptitude install systemd-sysv- sysvinit-core systemd-shim

Kind regards

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