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Re: upgrades must not change the installed init system [was: Re: Cinnamon environment now available in testing]

Ondřej Surý, le Tue 09 Sep 2014 11:47:38 +0200, a écrit :
> And you are saying that you can do all those tweaks, but you cannot
> pin systemd-sysv to not install?

No, I'm saying that if I hadn't noticed "systemd" among the upgrades, I
would have gotten all these changes all of a sudden without asking for
them. That can be pretty bad for the serial console access.

And I'm saying that I don't think this is an isolated case, I believe
most our users prefer to stay with sysvinit when upgrading from wheezy
to jessie, at least to keep the behavior of their machine as it is, and
then consider switching to systemd. Collapsing both is asking for
regressions and angry users (they already tell me bad Debian jokes about
the upgrade to systemd).


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