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RE: Cinnamon environment now available in testing

Does this Cinnamon for Debian include systemd ?

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De: Margarita Manterola
Fecha:04/09/2014 7:52 (GMT+00:00)
Para: Debian Development
Asunto: Cinnamon environment now available in testing

Hi all!

After quite a few months of polishing packages, fixing issues, and
making sure that everything builds where it's supposed to build,
cinnamon is now fully available in testing.

If you already have a desktop environment, you can install the
packages needed by cinnamon by doing: apt-get install cinnamon-core.

There's also cinnamon-desktop-environment, that pulls in usually
needed packages, for the users that don't have another desktop
environment installed.

There are likely quite a number of bugs that we haven't found yet, we
will welcome bug reports.

If you are interested in helping us out, we work through the
pkg-cinnamon project in alioth, which also includes it's own mailing
list, and you can contact us through #debian-cinnamon in OFTC.


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