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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 07:41:00PM +0100, Mirosław Baran wrote:
> Olav, would you mind to clarify in what capacity are you on this list?
> (Debian user? Debian maintainer? Debian developer? GNOME upstream
> developer?
> Systemd developer? Interested independent party? Something else
> altogether?)
> (I hope you wont't think this question to be rude – I like to have a
> bit of clarity.)

Ah, sorry. I mentioned it a few times during systemd discussion, so
didn't repeat to avoid it being seen as noise.

Anyway: GNOME release team member. (realized last GUADEC that I'm
already in that team for almost 6 years)

I lurk/contribute on Gentoo, openSUSE, Fedora, Debian, Mageia (read
on). I've reached out to a few Debian Developers last FOSDEM. Initially
just to better understand the issues distributions face while packaging
GNOME I started to help out @ Mageia with GNOME packaging.

Regarding Debian specifically: Used it for a year or so, and for a much
longer time on a few servers (IMO server doesn't mean much, once
configured you don't spend loads of hours logged into it like you do
when you're using it on your desktop machine).

Also an more-or-less inactive GNOME sysadmin, inactive triager
(Mozilla+GNOME), used to be Bugzilla developer (later learned that this
also enabled commit privs to Mozilla:). I like to help out with the
development of GNOME, without actually being a developer (aside from
scripting languages like Python/Perl). I did release a tarball once or
twice though :P

GNOME is purely a hobby, I have no other interest. I like discussions
(probably noticeable). I like seeing "where GNOME stands". E.g. what
things are we doing wrong. I also like feedback. Meaning, I prefer if
people take part in discussions. I often forward potential things I
think might be missed or might be a problem to distributor-list. E.g.
where we didn't get much feedback on the plan to switch to Python 3. But
also stuff like non-maintenance of (freedesktop.org) ConsoleKit, changes
to (freedesktop.org) UPower, etc.

Originally I joined release team due to being a triager. I was asked to
join because of knowing the issues within GNOME (bugs, etc). I don't do
the actual GNOME releases as that is almost impossible to do without
taking time off. The packaging hugely helps though, sometimes ask for
new tarballs (x.y.z.1 and so on).


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