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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop


after having tried Gnome3 for about a year I have banished it from
all my computers, and switched to XFCE.

*BUT* there is a point that has to be considered: XFCE is currently 
broken due to the irresponsible upload of upower, which completely
breaks XFCE Power Manager. See bug 755234 - patches are available,
but they are only half functional, and the next upstream release 4.12
will probably not be ready by release time.

That means, we would be shipping a broken default desktop:
* suspend control does not work
* battery display is not updated
just to name a few.

I think the best option would be to downgrade upower to a working
version that does not break other desktop environments, unless
they are ready, or patches are provided. ANother option would 
be to switch back to G3, although that scares away again lots
of users.

But the current situation will *not* help to keep or increase 
users of Debian. If I am a new user installing on a laptop,
and the default desktop has broken power management, then
my next step is removal.

Of course, this dire situation has come upon us due to the strong
interleaving of Gnome and Systemd and upower maintainers, uploading
without making sure not to break the rest of the infrastructure.

So in this situation, switching to Gnome, just for the sake of not
loosing even more users, is probably the best option.


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