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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

* Olav Vitters (olav@vitters.nl) [140808 19:12]:
> [ support for init systems bedside systemd ]

> There was also a question what should happen if *upstream* removes
> support. That's not up to Debian Developers to patch back. Such was
> discussed and clarified. One of the questions that was voted on this was
> pretty much about this.

My memory of what we discussed and voted is different.

Basically we recommend to support as many init systems as reasonable
possible, and that is even true if upstream ceases support for it. It
might have some impact on what "reasonable" is after upstream ceases
support for some init system (and of course, as always it is prefered
to do such patches on upstream side), but it is definitly not
forbidden to patch support for some init system back into a package
(unless the package becomes by this "too broken to be supported", or
one of the many others things we prefer to not have in our archive -
as always). (And nothing here is actually init system specific, or
new etc.)


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