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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

Olav Vitters wrote:

My response specifically deals with this. Yes, nice if Debian Developers
could keep the response. However, there is nothing in there about "must
not be dropped without good reason". If upstream removes support, so be
it. Then it is very nice if the support is patched back in, but there is
nothing in the decision that it is expected that anyone could expect
packagers to do this.

Olav, would you mind to clarify in what capacity are you on this list?
(Debian user? Debian maintainer? Debian developer? GNOME upstream developer? Systemd developer? Interested independent party? Something else altogether?)

(I hope you wont't think this question to be rude – I like to have a bit of clarity.)

Thanks in advance,
Best regards
– Miroslaw Baran

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