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Re: pulseaudio related problems....


John Paul Adrian Glaubitz:
> > Use all of them.  Most of them most likely aren't connected to anything,
> > so sending a signal there is harmless.
> I don't know whether this is a good idea. What if I want to listen to
> something over my headphones which I don't others want to hear and
> I know about this "feature". I expect the sound to be over headphones
> only, yet it's blasting over the internal speakers as well and
> everyone in the room can hear me as well.
ITYM "and I *don't* know about this feature".

I don't think that the first thing you'd ever play on your system is
something private. Most likely this will be the desktop environment's
startup sound; you don't usually wear headphones when it does that.

> Well. You can't blame PulseAudio if you have an .asoundrc in your home
> directory which configures your sound card incorrectly.
So: test with a fresh user.

-- Matthias Urlichs

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