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Proposal: let’s have a GR about the init system

Christoph Anton Mitterer <calestyo <at> scientia.net> writes:

> Let the war begin... ;)

I’m looking for someone to help me formulate a GR (since I know
I’m not good in formulating things that don’t offend anyone, and
in English) that states that Debian will support several init
systems (sysvinit with sysv-rc, with file-rc, possibly OpenRC,
systemd, upstart) and offer the choice which to use to all of
its users.

Let’s GR it. This flamewarring on the mailing list is getting
ridiculous, and it’s clear that this becomes a root of issues
that spread into other issues (like the desktop environment)
that need a decision.

Possible alternative choices for the GR would be:

- switch to systemd, do not permit any other init system

- switch to upstart, do not permit any other init system

- switch to systemd/upstart for $subset_of_architectures,
  permit architectures to not support the full set of init
  systems including lowering the number of supported ones
  down to one

I think there is no need for an explicit choice item that
says “switch to systemd/upstart for some subset, but require
architectures to support several/all of them”. If people
think they want it (i.e. deprecate sysvinit), we could have
“switch to systemd or upstart for all architectures” in the
flavours “choose a 1:1 mapping between arch and init system”,
“let each arch decide which of the two to support”, “force
each arch to support both of them”.


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