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Re: touchscreen support in Debian?

Bjoern Meier dijo [Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 12:30:36AM +0100]:
> >> Seriously? "that's not what linux is for" What exactly is linux not
> >> for? Jesus, I could vomit if I read this. Maybe or not Linux is - at
> >> the moment - not capable for touch screens. Oh wait, Android is
> >> capable to use touch screens. Which Kernel used Android again? Ah
> >> sure, the Linux kernel 2.6.
> >>
> >> Man, I wished I was so close-minded, sometimes things were a little bit easier.
> >
> > Your abusive language and down-playing other people is also
> > inappropriate, despite how right or wrong other participants in this
> > tread are.
> > If one has an urge to swear in an email, maybe it's not the email one
> > should answer at that time.
> >
> > Your message is inappropriate conduct.
> If this email was really supposed to be answered. Anyway. If you think
> my email was abusive or down-playing maybe you should block me. Maybe
> we should block all of those who doesn't use an "proper" language. I
> know I was out of line. This was supposed to be. I hoped this would be
> noticed, because I exaggerated a little bit. I'm sorry If I touched
> someone to hard, but some things have to be said.
> I'll try to calm down in future ;)

Please do. I stand by what Dmitrijs answered to you. Debian mailing
lists are not the right place to use such language, no matter how
wrong the person you are interacting with is.

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