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Re: touchscreen support in Debian?

On Sat, 2013-03-30 at 00:30 +0100, Bjoern Meier wrote:
> If this email was really supposed to be answered. Anyway. If you think
> my email was abusive or down-playing maybe you should block me. Maybe
> we should block all of those who doesn't use an "proper" language.

It is a very clear rule that you do not use such language on Debian
lists, and it is grounds for banning by the listmasters:


> I know I was out of line. This was supposed to be. I hoped this would be
> noticed, because I exaggerated a little bit. I'm sorry If I touched
> someone to hard, but some things have to be said.
> I'll try to calm down in future ;)

Please do.


Ben Hutchings
I'm not a reverse psychological virus.  Please don't copy me into your sig.

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