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Re: touchscreen support in Debian?

On 29 March 2013 22:44, Bjoern Meier <bjoern.meier@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi,
> 2013/3/29 John D. Hendrickson and Sara Darnell <johnandsara2@cox.net>:
>> REALLY?  you have 30 days to return it.  if you want unix and touchscreen
>> get an Apple.
>> don't use debian haphazardously (without knowing full well what can happen /
>> if it will work) thinking you'll save time or money.  that's not what linux
>> is for.  doing so could easily leave you no-where, even with a computer you
>> can't personally fix, after days.
>> if you are worried about money return it get an (apple).  if not, then of
>> course they say, "hacking is no crime" :)  (do they say that still?)
> Hell yeah, dig him to hell. How could he dare to think out of the box
> and ask for a natural use of his own hardware. Fuck you! This is not
> what we want, use our software as WE think of! Yes damn it, this is
> not what linux is for. Shame on you to think that you could use it on
> the way YOU want it.
> Seriously? "that's not what linux is for" What exactly is linux not
> for? Jesus, I could vomit if I read this. Maybe or not Linux is - at
> the moment - not capable for touch screens. Oh wait, Android is
> capable to use touch screens. Which Kernel used Android again? Ah
> sure, the Linux kernel 2.6.
> Man, I wished I was so close-minded, sometimes things were a little bit easier.

Your abusive language and down-playing other people is also
inappropriate, despite how right or wrong other participants in this
tread are.
If one has an urge to swear in an email, maybe it's not the email one
should answer at that time.

Your message is inappropriate conduct.



> Greetings,
> Björn
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