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Re: touchscreen support in Debian?

REALLY? you have 30 days to return it. if you want unix and touchscreen get an Apple.

don't use debian haphazardously (without knowing full well what can happen / if it will work) thinking you'll save time or money. that's not what linux is for. doing so could easily leave you no-where, even with a computer you can't personally fix, after days.

if you are worried about money return it get an (apple). if not, then of course they say, "hacking is no crime" :) (do they say that still?)

Stephen M. Webb wrote:
On 03/29/2013 04:03 PM, Svante Signell wrote:

I recently purchased an Acer S7, having both a keyboard and a touch
screen. It is currently running Windows 8. Any chances of running Debian
GNU/Linux on that box? I've heard rumours that Ubuntu supports this
hardware, is that true?

I can't say with absolute certainty because of the myriad patches and versions floating around, but squeeze *should*
support the required multi-touch driver in-kernel and definitely has the XI2.2 protocol in the x.org server.  It should
just work.

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