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Re: Really not about udev, or init sytsems

On 25/11/12 19:02, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> I've been a vivid Amiga user since 1991* and I still love these
> machines and I am supporting the efforts to get Debian back onto
> m68k. Yet, I do not think this should happen at all costs. There
> haven't been no new 68k processors for years, have there?

Freescale make a line of embedded processors derived from the 68k, under
the brand name ColdFire. I used them a while ago --- they're pretty
decent, although not entirely 68k compatible. I was slightly bemused to
see that they're marketed as RISC.


The differences are described here: http://goo.gl/hCmT8

Unfortunately, *because* they're different it's probably impossible to
use one to build Amiga or Atari ST or Mac compatible hardware. OTOH,
because they're so similar to the 68k, rebuilding Debian for the
Coldfire is probably trivial (inasmuch a full archive rebuild is
trivial...). I notice a couple of moribund Alioth projects devoted to
doing just that.

On the gripping hand, I see this: http://acp.atari.org/

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