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Re: Really, about udev, not init sytsems (was: Gentoo guys starting a fork of udev)

On Sat, Nov 24, 2012 at 04:58:04PM +0100, Toni Mueller wrote:
> > This thread was originally about udev, yet everyone is starting again the
> > systemd / upstart / sysv-rc war. I think we can agree that we don't about
> I, for one, wholeheartedly welcome the fork, as I hope that this will
> help getting back some of the modularity in Linux that was there, once
> upon a time, and which contributed to making Linux a robust platform -
> sometime in the past.

Well, while I'm usually not against forks - I like MATE for example
very much - I don't think this fork is going anywhere soon. I have
followed their development a bit and read the discussion involving
Greg Kroah-Hartman and others and their comments on the fork and I
don't think the eudev people know what they're doing.

They're constantly claiming, for example, that udev and systemd break
a separate /usr partition which is simply not true. systemd just warns
you about it. Furthermore, they're randomly removing code from udev
which they don't seem to understand which means they will probably
break something some time.

I don't think these guys have the expertise to work on a udev fork (I
wouldn't claim that for myself either). Just look at their discussion
about creating a free BIOS replacement [1], it's ridiculous.

Coming back to your original complaint. The discussion about init
systems naturally came about because this is actually the reason udev
was forked by Gentoo in the first place. They want to stick to their
init solution OpenRC - no matter what - like Ubuntu wants to stick to

If both Ubuntu and Gentoo would just go with the rest of the community
and accept systemd, we wouldn't have to bother whether udev runs
without systemd or not. I don't see anyway why something as low-level
as udev should be highly portable in the first place.



> [1] https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups=#!topic/linux.gentoo.dev/yWQGqxsfjI0

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