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Re: Really, about udev, not init sytsems

On 11/25/2012 10:42 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Besides, can you elaborate what is so important in having /usr
> separate? I see that it made sense back on the old Unix workstations
> where you could split partitions across different disks, but I don't
> see the point nowadays where a cheap harddisk has 1TB of space.


This has been discussed very lengthy already.

So please just keep in mind that this is annoying
some others, and if you don't feel annoyed, just
live with the fact you aren't alone in this world, and
that some of us prefer a separated /usr partition.

Let's go back to the topic ...

>> > That is exactly this kind of things (and others, like merging systemd
>> > and udev), going to the wrong direction, which pushed Gentoo people
>> > to fork.
> Which I don't agree.

You don't agree with what? There's nothing to
agree or not agree upon. That's a fact, this is
what Gentoo guys are doing and why they are
doing it. This part isn't open for discussion.

Now, if you don't agree that it's going *to the wrong*
direction is another thing all together, but frankly,
I wasn't discussing it.

Now, I may add, I have no will to discuss it with you
anyway, after reading you impose on my your
partitioning scheme, and would like me to use my
computer the way *YOU* think is best. That is, by
the way, the same attitude systemd upstream has.

> And you are dodging my questions. Don't you think that people like
> Richard who make such bold claims that writing a free BIOS replacement
> is a matter of a few hundred lines of assembly, ridiculing the almost
> 15 years of development of Coreboot, cannot be taken seriously?
> Do you think that Greg - being a Gentoo developer himself - would make
> such statements if he didn't knew what he was talking about?

I don't know these guys, I can't judge...

> But I don't support forks which are created based on false assumptions
> of the original software. Another bad example where people forked and
> obviously don't know what they're doing is Trinity [3].

...but I know that Gentoo guys aren't working
on their fork because of false assumptions only.


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