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Re: New virtual packages: lv2-plugin and lv2-host

Le 21/11/2012 17:48, Ian Jackson a écrit :
>> Although I'd agree that defining a new lv2-plugin would not be needed,
>> making LV2 plugins packages Depend/Recommend a generic lv2-host
>> package would seriously help as it allows maintainers to avoid to fill
>> up Depends: fields with long and incomplete list of all the LV2 hosts
>> available in Debian.
> What I'm missing is why it's useful to list lv2 hosts in the Depends
> like this.  The user will end up with one selected essentially at
> random.  Is that desirable ?

Usually, the Enhances: relationship is a better one than a Depends:/
Recommends:/Suggests: in plugin packages.


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