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Re: New virtual packages: lv2-plugin and lv2-host

Alessio Treglia writes ("New virtual packages: lv2-plugin and lv2-host"):
> virtual-package-list.txt.gz [1] says:
>    1. Post to debian-devel saying what names you intend to use or what
>       other changes you wish to make, and file a wish list bug against the
>       package debian-policy.
> So, here is my proposal:
> + lv2-host                anything that can host LV2 audio plugins
> + lv2-plugin              an LV2 compliant audio plugin
> Regarding LV2, you may find more information at http://lv2plug.in/.

Reading that, I'm not sure why these virtual packages would be

An lv2-plugin could be almost anything AFAICT, so depending on "some
LV2 plugin" is not very useful.

And an lv2-host could include something which can use only plugins
with certain features.


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