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Re: Something like nocompress DEB_BUILD_OPTION

* Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder@gmail.com>, 2012-11-21, 01:48:
This should be a standard interface via DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, because dh_builddeb / dpkg-deb is not the only way to build compliant binary packages.

Policy §4.9 explains:

Both binary-* targets should depend on the build target, or on the appropriate build-arch or build-indep target, if provided, so that the package is built if it has not been already. It should then create the relevant binary package(s), using dpkg-gencontrol to make their control files and dpkg-deb to build them [...]

Do any packages violate that?

pax eats its own dog food: it builds binary packages using pax, avoiding dpkg-deb (except for cross-compiling).

Jakub Wilk

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