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Re: (seemingly) declinging bug report numbers

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 02:53:43AM +0200, Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote:
> Then again,... I wonder why Ubuntu exists, if they allegedly anyway want
> their changes into Debian.
> And still sounds like a fork in a respect that forks usually don't
> change everything.
> But I mean that discussion doesn't help... the question in the end will
> rather be, is Ubuntu becoming a thread to Debian (which it easily can by
> being more of a hype, by having commerical background, by focusing
> pretty much on what's "cool" like tablets and so on)... IMHO there are
> at least some sings for this.

Such things have been endlessly discussed ever since Ubuntu was first released,
eight years ago. I agree with you that discussion doesn't help here :)

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