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Re: (seemingly) declinging bug report numbers

On Sun, 2012-10-14 at 22:01 -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Except it's not, because that's not what Ubuntu does.  Most of the
> packages are imported into Ubuntu unmodified.  Among those that are
> modified, most of the modifications are exactly the minor changes that
> Debian makes to upstream, and Ubuntu folks are generally quite happy to
> drop the patch when possible.
Then again,... I wonder why Ubuntu exists, if they allegedly anyway want
their changes into Debian.
And still sounds like a fork in a respect that forks usually don't
change everything.

But I mean that discussion doesn't help... the question in the end will
rather be, is Ubuntu becoming a thread to Debian (which it easily can by
being more of a hype, by having commerical background, by focusing
pretty much on what's "cool" like tablets and so on)... IMHO there are
at least some sings for this.

And as second question, whether we're digging our own graves by
seemingly even supporting that, which involuntarily came to my mind when
I saw ubuntu-packaging-guides as a package in Debian.
Made me feel like the Borg have arrived and are going to assimilate
us ;-)

> Ubuntu has a much different release cycle, a different set of goals in
> terms of what packages to focus on and what bugs have to be fixed, and a
> different default desktop environment, all of which would be extremely
> difficult to do in Debian directly, and would at least have involved a
> vast amount of discussion.
But specifically that Ubuntu put such strong focuses is IMHO indirectly
also a danger for Debian.
Cause as I mentioned before... when you do hype things like cloud or
tablets or apps... you easily can get biggest attraction (also in terms
of attracting developers away from - potentially - Debian) and support.
It's however not necessarily the best for free software culture or in
the end for the good of the users.

Cause eventually, when the masses want, funny nice Apple-like systems
and software... (which I guess is what we shouldn't want) professional
and seriously usable systems and software will somehow suffer.


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