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(seemingly) declinging bug report numbers


Some days ago Christian reported[0] about #690000 with the feeling that
bug report numbers in Debian were declining, which Don’s post[1] later
seemingly confirmed.

I wondered myself whether this is a problem for Debian and if so, what
we can do against it?

First declining bug numbers are not necessarily a problem, because it
could just mean that we're getting better and better, or that more and
more upstream issues are reported upstream (which would be a good thing
IMHO), or that the maintainers already catch many problems themselves.

On the other hand, some worries are there that this could imply some
decline in Debian itself.
Well I still think Debian is the best distro out there for most (if not
all cases), even though I'd like to see it putting more emphasis on
But, admittedly me not being the biggest *buntu fan (diplomatically
said), things like [2] disturb me quite a lot. Gives me somehow the
feeling as if it was an invitation to leave Debian towards *buntu.
Anyway,... that might be another reason for a decline (if there is
any),... being slowly assimilated by *buntu (and even helping with that)

Another reason could be, that people have problems with the BTS.
Don't get me wrong, I personally like it a lot... and I wouldn't want to
have e.g. launchpad (if at all,... I'm quite a bugzilla fan)... but
especially for end-users BTS might be tricky to use and I know even some
fellow computer scientists which complained about it (and asked whether
there was a more bugzilla-ish web interface or so).

Well.. I'm curious what other people think. :)


[0] http://www.perrier.eu.org/weblog/2012/10/09#690000
[1] http://www.donarmstrong.com/posts/bug_reporting_rate/
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-changes/2012/10/msg00539.html

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