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Re: Change default PATH for Jessie / wheezy+1

On Wed, Aug 08, 2012 at 05:56:57PM +0300, Andrej N. Gritsenko wrote:
>     Hello!
> Thomas Goirand has written on Wednesday,  8 August, at 22:01:
> >On 08/08/2012 09:11 PM, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> >> And ip is not standard (not present on every Linux systems), whereas
> >> I don't know any system without ifconfig.
> >Then, what do you use to list multiple IPs on a single interface?
> >ifconfig simply doesn't support it.
>     In fact, I have multiple IPs on a single interface right now on the
> machine where I write this letter. And I never used 'ip' before for    
> configuring it and probably I never will. Have you ever heared of such 
> thing as 'interface alias'?

Yes, it's a horrible hack.

> It's what I always used on *BSD, Linux, and
> other *nix systems. And yes, command 'ifconfig' shows me those IPs too.
> So I would say, such very distro-specific tool as 'ip' will never ever
> can be called as 'standard' one. I'm sorry.
It is Linux-specific, not distro-specific.

> >IMHO, if there's distros with ifconfig but not ip, then such distro
> >doesn't deserve much attention. The standard *is* ip, it's a much
> >more powerful tool that does all you need (you can't say the same
> >thing with ifconfig).
>     You mean MacOS-X, *BSD, Solaris, etc. are all dead and breaking the
> standards? You've made me laugh. :)
ifconfig was not specified in any standard.  If you ever actually
tried to script address configuration on multiple platforms (I did, I
used to work on network test automation) you'll find that there is
actually almost no portability.


Ben Hutchings
We get into the habit of living before acquiring the habit of thinking.
                                                              - Albert Camus

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