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Re: Change default PATH for Jessie / wheezy+1

On 08/08/2012 12:59 PM, Gergely Nagy wrote:
But, you know what those commands do, and I think we can agree, that
most - if not all - of them are quite close to being tools for the
admin, even if they don't necessarily require root. A 'regular' user on
a multi-user system will not likely need any of them.

It *might* make sense to (optionally) add */sbin to the PATH of the
first user installed. I wouldn't add it for everyone else too, however.

Where do you put the line there? what does average non admin joe want/need?

I dont think is up to us to decide what will the user want/need to use/know. We should allow to run any binary that makes sense to run by default without root permission and there is no need to be that condescending with the user

[extra non usuful comments]
Those commands without root permissions are not dangerous. ifconfig seems the most obvious that a non expert would want to run. ipconfig/ifconfig eth0 are easy to run/remember.

ip addr show eth0 is not. ip has too many switches/options. Its nice and its my tool of choice as an admin, but i would not say is user friendly and i understand it will be hard to kill (if it is ever killed)

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