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Re: tasksel: Default desktop: Gnome→Xfce

Quoting Josselin Mouette (joss@debian.org):

> Well, 1 GB would be enough to hold a standard desktop installation,
> while 650 MB is not. That makes a difference.

It will be hard to know whether dropping support for "real" CD
installs does hurt some users or not, anyway.

Those who will speak, in -devel or -boot, will be DDs, DMs, or regular
Debian contributors. I really fail to see *any* of these running into
a problem because they can't install Debian with a CD (a physical CD).

So, who will be hurt by dropping support for install with one CD?
In theory, those people lost somewhere in a world of bad connectivity,
where installs cannot really rely on a working network (I still
remember a Debian installation workshop that I tried running during
the rainy season in India......with power, and network, failing every
now and then).

Those will do such installs with lend over, or copied, DVDs and,
anyway, there is nearly no way we can get their advice about the pain
caused by dropping 650MB CD images.

That's very probably a very tiny fraction of our users and, here, we
probably can't be universal.

So, I'd vote for dropping these 650MB images. By keeping them, we hurt
ourselves much more than we're doing any good.

As Joss says, 1GB images seem to be the best choice (unless there
would be great benefit in jumping to 2GB images immediately).

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